Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Confession time. I don’t go to Switzerland nearly as often as I do Austria. For two reasons: 1) Austria is closer to Munich (where I live) and 2)It’s a lot more expensive. Having said that, I think Switzerland is beautiful! I love the Jungfrau region and the lesser-known Haslital, home to the steepest funicular in the world! I also enjoyed the city of Schaffhausen. For a really fun day, and something the locals do, try cycling from Schaffhausen to Stein am Rhein, a town with incredible frescos and cobble-stone streets! I definitely see more of Switzerland in my future. It may be a small country, but there are so many regions I still haven’t explored! Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful countries in all of Europe in my opinion!

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25Hours Hotel Zürich: A Review

Finding a good hotel in Zürich at a good price is not an easy feat! Everything I came across was just an ordinary hotel with extraordinary prices. Then I came across 25Hours Hotel and knew I had found a winner.