Best Places to Visit in Spain

There's so much to love about Spain, or more accurately, I should say Catalonia, since despite being to Spain 9 times, I've only ever been to Catalonia! That also includes Mallorca, which I've been to twice. I know I need to branch out, but in my defence there is a lot to see in Catalonia as you can see from the posts below.

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My Favorite Thing to Do in Girona

The city wall was built in Roman times and dates back to the 1st century BC. Unlike most city walls, you can actually walk the entire length of this one. Ambitious visitors can even climb the towers for gorgeous views overlooking Girona and reaching to the Pyrenees.

Spanish Omelette Recipe: Catalan Style

You can't go to Spain and not eat a Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española)! It's one of Spain's most popular dishes! No trip planned? Bring the flavors of Spain to your kitchen with this recipe.

Cycling in Costa Brava=Finding Hidden Gems

Cycling ia great way to explore the hidden gems in Costa Brava, Spain.There are 125km of cycling paths for all levels, each with its own theme. Plus, it's a great way to work off all that delicious Catalan fo od that you'll be eating!

Adventure Travel in Mallorca

There are plenty of beaches in Mallorca where you can relax and do nothing, but there’s also another side to Mallorca: Adventure Travel – one that I find much more appealing: