Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal has always intrigued me, so when the opportunity serendipitously to trek to Everest Base Camp presented itself, I jumped at the chance! I was there shortly after the deadliest avalanche in Mt. Everest's history and had the chance to interview a couple of climbers. It's worth watching their video interviews to make you really think about the morality of commercializing such a dangerous climb. While I love hiking, I'm not a mountain climber, so I stuck with hiking to Everest Base Camp. I made it there 8 days later - along with altitude sickness, bronchitis, lung infection and the Khumba cough, but I'm SO glad I did it!

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The Business of Climbing Mount Everest

Business may seem like a strange word to use to describe climbing the world’s highest mountain, but make no mistake, climbing Everest is big business. It costs the average climber between $50,000 - $100,000!

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Everest Base Camp: Here I Come

Everest Base Camp for me isn't just something I would like to do, but something I feel the NEED to do. But first I have to figure out a way to overcome these challenges: