Best Places to Visit in the British Isles

Best Places to Visit in the British Isles 2017-09-26T11:40:13+00:00

I love the British Isles which includes England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

One of my favourite trips to the British Isles was a trip to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. I conducted observational research on whales and dolphins! I had no idea that this part of Scotland was so remote and that there so many uninhabited islands – ~185! The Outer Hebrides were also where my skipper introduced me to a new hobby – island hopping. You keep a tally of all the uninhabited island you’ve visited. And go out of your way to add a new one to your list! This trip was before I started blogging, so, unfortunately, you can’t read more about it on Monkeys and Mountains, but if a remote sailing trip sounds like your thing, then go Google it!

Another favourite trip was hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland. This was one of my favourite long-distance treks. It’s beyond beautiful and Scottish hospitality is out of this world.

I also enjoyed hiking the Wicklow Way in Ireland, especially in the Wicklow Mountains.

Read on for more adventures in the British Isles:

Afternoon Tea in London: My Attempt at Being Posh

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Standing Stones of Callanish, Scotland

The Standing Stones of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland remain a mystery even today, but I personally like the local belief that they are really giants who were turned into stone.