Best Places to Visit in France

I’ve been to France 8 times, but it wasn’t until my 8th visit that I made it to Paris. While I loved Paris and it lived up to my very high expectations, I like exploring the lesser-known places even more. Without a doubt, my personal highlight was hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc a 170km hike around the massive of the highest peak in Western Europe! Truly an incredible experience! My favourite festival anywhere in the world to-date is the The Festival of Lights in Lyon: This definitely isn’t off the beaten track, but I LOVED it and that’s saying a lot as I don’t like crowds. It’s one of the most unique artistic displays I’ve ever seen!

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Best of the Festival of Lights in Lyon

Everyone should see the Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières) in Lyon, France at least once in their lives! In fact, it was the most incredible modern man-made thing I saw in all of 2012!

Strasbourg: Storybook Charm and a UNESCO Site

Close your eyes and go back in time to the 1500s to a fairy tale town with half timbered houses, long sloping roofs dating back to the 1500s or just check out these photos of Strasbourg, France and see it with your own eyes.