14 Best Hiking Sandals for Women (2024)

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Hiking sandals are a great choice in summer if you’re an active woman hiker looking for an alternative to hotter and heavier hiking boots.  A lightweight pair of sandals are also a great choice if you’ll be doing water activities as this versatile hiking footwear can also be used as water shoes or even a camp shoe. 

However, there’s a huge selection. May your personal preferences be closed-toe shoes or rugged sandals made out of synthetic materials, we’ve compiled the best 14 hiking sandals for women. If your fashion conscious, this article is perfect for you too!

Best Women’s Teva Hiking Sandals

Teva Terra Fi is one of the best sandals for outdoor adventure. Teva’s sandals are super comfy and provide excellent traction for walking over rocky, slippery and mild terrains and even river crossings. A true footwear recommendation for day comfort.

Best for Easy Hiking Trails
Teva Women's W Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal
  • The polyester and durable nylon strap materials perform perfectly in the water
  • These sandals dry quickly after getting wet
  • The cushy footbed guarantees great comfort during the hike
  • The velcro straps offer a quick and easy adjustability
  • The W Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal is lightweight 
  • Weight Per Pair: 4 oz
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Best for Day Hikes and Water Activities
Teva Women's Omnium Sandal
  • The injection-molded silhouette is designed to be ultra-comfortable
  • The adjustable straps have easy hook-and-loop closure
  • The spider rubber outsole is perfect for wet terrain
  • Weight Per Pair: 11.2 oz
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Best KEEN Hiking Sandals

Women hiking enthusiasts love Keen sandals for their protection, comfort, adjustable straps and support. A Keen lightweight sandal are machine washable on the gentle cycle, making them very easy and convenient to clean.

Best for Day Hikes and Water Activities
KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Water Sandal
  • The multi-directional lug patterns provide a fantastic grip on slippery surfaces
  • Built on a women-specific foot form which makes them the comfiest sandals that comes in fun colors
  • The classic KEEN toe bumper offers additional safety
  • Weight Per Pair: 8.7 oz
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Best for Everyday Use and Water Activities
KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal
  • The polyester webbing and hydrophobic mesh lining make these sandals great for wet terrains
  • The multi-directional lugs provide superior grip on slippery wet terrain
  • The KEEN Women’s Rose Sandals come in a wide choice of fun colors 
  • Weight Per Pair: 7.5 oz
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Best for Trekking and Water Activities
KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal
  • The compression-moulded EVA midsole follows the foot shape
  • The hydrophobic mesh lining guarantees a great performance in water
  • The streamlined sole has multi-directional lugs, which make these sandals perfect for hiking rough terrain. This outdoor gear uses quality materials good for adventures and daily wear.
  • Weight Per Pair: 9.0 oz

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Best Chaco Hiking Sandals for Women

Chaco makes perfect hiking sandals for their adjustability, great traction, and underfoot support for active women. Adventurous travelers choose Chaco sandals to hike even the most rugged terrain. The Chaco Z is a favorite choice for many hikers who are into short hikes and minimal footwear aficionados.

Best for Day Hiking and Water Activities
Chaco Z/1 Classic Women 8 Black
  • Chaco Z sandals are fully adjustable and comfortable straps
  • 3.0 MM lug outsole for hiking slippery surfaces
  • Chaco Z are durable hiking sandals thanks to a high-tensile webbing heel
  • Chaco Z sandals come in a variety of fun colors
  • Weight Per Pair: 5.2 oz
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Best for Hiking and Scrambing for the Active Women
Chaco Women's Mega Z Cloud Sandal
  • Chaco Mega Z Cloud sandals provide a secure fit thanks to the 32MM webbing straps wrap
  • The women-specific LUVSEAT™ footbed and the arch support make Chaco Z a very comfy shoe 
  • Chaco Mega Z Cloud sandals are vegan-friendly
  • Weight Per Pair: 5.4 oz
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Xero Shoes Z Hiking Sandals for Women

A pair of athleisure sandals that are lightweight and minimalist footwear designed for your feet to feel the earth when hiking. 

Best for Everyday Wear and Light Hikes
Xero Shoes Women's Z-Trail EV Sandal Multi-Black
  • Xero Z-Trail have a super flexible outer sole and a cushy sole that lets your feet move naturally, making them the comfiest sandals
  • These contain recycled materials. Xero Z-Trail’s upper webbing is Unifi recycled plastic bottle yarn and the tubular quick-dry webbing is made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Xero Z-Trail are minimalist sandals that also function well as a town sandal for everyday wear
  • Weight Per Pair: 10.8 oz.
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ECCO Walking Sandals for Women

ECCO outdoor sandals feature the highest quality materials to provide the best comfort. ECCO sandals have extra room for toe protection, great arch support and the ECCO Freedom Fit reduces foot fatigue after a long day of hike.

Best for Trails
ECCO Women's Yucatan Sport Sandal
  • The lightweight molded EVA footbed gives great support to the foot and makes for the comfiest sandals
  • The rubber outsole offers excellent support for hiking
  • The lightweight and supportive footbed guarantees comfort for walking hundreds of miles
  • Weight Per Pair: 4 oz.
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Best for Long Walks and Hikes
ECCO Women's, Off Road Lite 3 Sandal
  • The rubber sole for excellent traction and the adjustable lining make these the ultimate hiking sandal
  • The cushy footbed Receptor Technology offers dynamic support during the hike
  • The EVA midsole helps with muscle fatigue because it absorbs shocks
  • Weight Per Pair: 7.7 oz
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Eddie Bauer Women’s Hiking Sandals

A staple name in the outdoors business and one of the comfiest sandals out there. Eddie Bauer produces entry and mid-level outdoor adventure gear suitable for camping trips of all kinds.

Best for Everyday Use and River Trails
Eddie Bauer Women's Stine Amphib
  • The InsoFit perforated EVA footbed gives fantastic breathability to these sandals
  • The EVA footbed dries very quick, making these sandals perfect for a wet terrain
  • These amphibious sandals have SportGrip XT non-marking and rubber outsole, great for wet trails
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Best Budget Women’s Hiking Sandals

When you’re on a tight budget or only an occasional hiker, then check out these budget women’s hiking sandals. However, if you’re a regular hiker, then it’s worth investing in one of the sandals recommended above.

Best Women's Budget Hiking Sandals
DREAM PAIRS Women's 160912-W Adventurous Summer Outdoor Sandals
  • The comfortable straps with elastic lacing make these sandals easily adjustable
  • The anti-collision design and the toe protection make these awesome sandals perfect for hiking
  • These sandals have great arch and underfoot supports
  • The EVA mat for lightweight cushioning makes these sandals comfortable for walking and hiking
  • The rubber sole adapts to water ambiances and wet terrains
  • DREAM PAIRS Women’s Closed Toe Sport Hiking Sandals, Summer Outdoor Comfortable Walking Water Sandals
  • The rubber foam midsole guarantees advanced support and shock absorption
  • The rubber outsole delivers great traction and grip on land and in water
  • The closed-toe cap protects against rocks and branches
  • The quick-drying lycra lining makes these sandals comfortable to wear during the hike and perfect for wet terrain
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Best for Long-distance Walking and Easy Hikes
MEGNYA Women's Comfortable Walking Sandals
  • The super soft EVA cushioned Midsole makes these sandals incredibly comfortable. One of the comfiest sandals even.
  • The upper section is made from hand-woven durable nylon straps, making every pair of sandals unique
  • These sandals come in lots of fun colors
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Best Hiking Sandals That Double for Daily Wear
Skechers Women's Reggae-Sew Me-Boho Woven Strappy Slingback Sandal
  • Stretchy elastic on the inside of the ankle strap and inside the arch strap for extra adjustability
  • The cushy footbed offers great comfort during the walk or the hike
  • The lightweight foam midsole absorbs shocks
  • The woven-look multi-color soft textile panels make these sandals perfect for daily wear
  • Weight Per Pair: 7 oz.
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Advantages of Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals are one of the latest trends in great outdoors adventure gear. A true summer companion, even, but you might feel skeptical about the idea of trekking in the mountains in sandals.

There are several advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when buying a pair of hiking sandals instead of traditional hiking footwear. 

Choosing the best hiking sandals as your hiking gear has the huge pro of comfort. With sandals, your feet will breathe – making your hiking experience or water sports activity more enjoyable and less painful.

Hiking in sandals reduces your chance of blistersHiking shoes can easily cause blisters if worn for a long time, but sandals on the hand have fewer points of contact with your feet, reducing the rubbing. Blisters are one of the things that wreck treks and make hikes memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Having said that, it’s still important that they fit correctly and that you break them in gradually before hiking in them. It doesn’t matter whether you have wider feet or smaller ones: make sure to get the perfect size when you purchase women’s sandals.

Another advantage of hiking sandals is that many are water-safe. If you enjoy water hikes or hiking in wet environments, you’ll have zero problems if you’re wearing hiking sandals.

If you’re doing a multi-day trip, carrying a heavy pack and want to reduce your load, hiking sandals also function as camp shoes. That way you don’t need to carry another pair of shoes.

I personally wouldn’t hike in sandals for a multi-day trip as I like ankle support, especially if I’m carrying a heavy pack, but I know other hikers that swear by them. 

Last but not least, many hiking sandals come with a stylish design and come in lots of colors, making them double as daily wear. That’s perfect when you’re travelling and want to pack less. Some even look good with a summer dress.

hiking sandals for women

Disadvantages of Hiking in Sandals

Of course, as with all things, there are disadvantages to hiking in sandals. The main downside of hiking sandals is the lack of protection for your feet. It’s easy to stub a toe, cut up a foot on a sharp rock, or be bitten by insects and snakes.

Besides, you need to be careful about sun exposure – you might get sunburned on your feet!

Hiking sandals are also less optimal for hiking on loose ground or rock climbing than hiking shoes or boots, which offer more ankle support and traction.

Tips for Women Hiking in Sandals for the First Time 

If this is the first time you are buying hiking sandals, there are some tips you can find useful before purchasing.

The most important tip for first-time sandal hikers is to keep in mind that your hiking sandals need to be as comfortable as possible. It should be custom fit to you. You should look for the perfect fit for your foot and sandals with adjustable velcro straps and arch support.

Trust me, this simple tip will make a huge difference and will help you avoid getting plantar fasciitis.

The second tip is not to forget about the importance of choosing light hiking shoes. Hiking shoes that weigh less drain five times more energy from your body than heavier ones.

If you don’t care about having sore muscles after a hike, choose lighter hiking shoes. So a lightweight pair of hiking sandals is fundamental if you don’t want to end up with muscle fatigue after long hikes.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for the price. Whether this is your first pair of hiking sandals or not, you should consider investing a little bit more for high-quality footwear.

Cheaper hiking sandals can work if you mostly do easy hikes or long walks. But if you want to be ready for more intense hikes, then you need to wear quality shoes.

Yes, they are pricier sandals, but they are one of the most comfortable hiking sandal that come with stylish designs too.

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When choosing a pair of women’s hiking sandals, look for comfort, weight per pair, and terrain adaptability. Our recommendations share the best ones for different needs and budgets. 

best sandals for hiking for women
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