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My latest adventures - of which I hope will give you inspiration for your own trip, and consider a destination or activity that you hadn't previously! You'll find handy travel tips in each article to help make your planning seamless!

  • travel Cantabria in northern spain

How to See the Best of Cantabria, Spain in a Long Weekend

Cantabria is known as "Green Spain" with its natural landscapes, caves and over 60 beaches! Picos de Europa National Park was a particularly fabulous find and not what I expected in this part of Spain!

  • The Best Places to See Monkeys in Central America

The Best Places to See Monkeys in Central America

Central America is famous for its extensive jungles and forests, which also makes for exceptional homes for monkeys! In fact, connecting with nature is one

  • coast in asturias spain a cyclists paradise

Why the Sensational Coast in Asturias, Spain is a Cyclists’ Paradise

The Coastal Path in Asturias, Spain is a 65km long path with breathtaking views. It's an undiscovered paradise for both cyclists and walkers!

  • danube cycling route

Danube Cycling Route: What You Need to Know

The Danube Cycle Path is the most popular holiday cycling route in Europe! It attracts families, seniors, recreational cyclists and serious cyclists alike!

  • 3 volcano hike in guatemala

The 3 Volcano Hike in Guatemala That Will Make You Feel Victorious!

Hike three iconic volcanos in Guatemala - Agua, Feugo and Acatenango Volcanos - all in 36 hours! It's an unforgettable adventure with incredible views!

The Big Adventures of Travelling on a Small Ship

I'm a huge fan of travelling on a small ship. You get the adventure of going where the larger ships can't and you can really connect with other passengers.

  • travel in Basque Country Spain

The Best Way to Travel in Basque Country When You Need to De-stress

A visit to pristine Basque Country may be the remedy if you're a stressed out multi-tasking urban dweller in need of some serious rejuvenation!

  • hiking apps that transform your time in the woods

8 Hiking Apps That Will Transform Your Time in the Woods

Hiking apps can not only help you get closer to nature, but they can also increase your knowledge and safety when hiking in the mountains!

  • wildlife travel to help contribute to wildlife conservation sq

How to Ensure that Your Wildlife Travels Help, Not Harm Wildlife

Many of us dream about going on a safari, or tracking gorillas in the wild, and when done properly our wildlife travels can have a huge benefit on wildlife conservation!

  • travel more for less by travelling off season

How to Travel More for Less Money

You'd love to travel more, but you don't have enough money! That was my situation fresh out of university with $198 in my bank account and $28,000 in student loans. But I still managed to travel - for 2 1/2 years!

  • eco-friendly island of Inishbofin, Ireland

Why You’ll Love Chilling on the Eco-Friendly Island of Inishbofin

Inishbofin is not only the most western in habited island in Ireland, it's also the first one to receive an ecotourism award. It's a place unlike any other that I've ever visited!

  • travel blogging secrets

9 Confessions about Travel Blogging That You Need to Know

I reveal my 9 confessions about travel blogging after almost 6 years of blogging and getting paid to travel the world!

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