Places to Visit in the United States

I lived in the United States for 6 months in Annapolis, Maryland.I was offered a special project with the company who I was working with in Canada whose head office was located in the United States. Being an avid traveller, with only two weeks holidays at the time, I jumped at the chance! Living in the U.S. and seeing first hand the similarities and the differences between Canadian and American culture was fascinating!And as a huge bonus, I was given free flights back to Canada every two weeks or the opportunity to travel within the continental United States as long as it was cheaper than flying to Canada - which it almost always was! So rather than going back home for visits, I spend every second weekend in a different part of the U.S.!!! Unfortunately this was long before I started travel blogging, so it means that I have very little content and travel tips about the United States on my blog, but you will find a few posts here about Florida, which I've visited quite a few times, most recently a few years ago!

  • You'll find that Washington D.C. is a walkable city and has an excellent public transportation system.

How to Plan a Car-Free Vacation in the Northeastern States

This itinerary of four walkable cities in the northeastern states shows you to take a car-free vacation without compromising.

  • Adventurous high ropes course outside of Las Vegas

High Ropes Course: What Happens When You Trust Yourself

Amazing things can happen when you do an adventurous ropes course. Not only is balance required, but so is learning to trust yourself. Learning that it's OK to fall!

  • Roller coaster at Universal Studios in Orlando, USA

Tips for Going to Universal Studios in Orlando

What you need to know to make the most of your visit before visiting Universal Studios in Orlando.

  • snake big cypress national preserve

Silent Snake at Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

I'm petrified of snakes, but even I'll admit that this is a great photo of a snake at the Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida taken by a non-blogging friend.