Things to Do in Munich

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I have called this city home for almost six years now and am continually exploring it! So much so that I was the #BBCLocalite for Munich for BBC Travel for two years until the program was discontinued! While Munich is best known for Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world, I’m here to show you there’s so much more to the city than that. Check out my Munich City Guide and you’ll see what I mean.

Travel guide to Munich, Germany

Germany’s First Cat Cafe

The Cafe-Katzentempel (Cat Temple) in Munich is Germany's first and currently only cat cafe. It's a PURRfect experience for feline lovers.

Laughter Yoga: The Universal Language

When was the last time that you purposefully made a complete fool out of yourself? I'm talking something like dancing around in circles while wildly waving your arms in the air IN PUBLIC and not at a dance club. If your answer is never, then you haven't tried laughter yoga.

Offbeat Museums in Munich

There are over 40 museums in Munich, but here are 4 offbeat ones including one that includes a NeverEnding Story ride!

My Favorite Places to Eat in Munich

I reluctantly share a few of my favorite places to eat in Munich, but it's OK, I'm sure you'll buy me lunch to thank me for the suggestions, right? Guten Appetit!

Tollwood: My Favorite Festival in Munich

Tollwood Winter Festival is one of my highlights in December in Munich. I find this festival/Christmas market much more interesting than the more popular Oktoberfest.

Old South Cemetery Photos at Twilight

Twilight was upon us. I felt a shiver even though it wasn't cold as I entered the eerily light pathway to Old South Cemetery in Munich. This was by far the creepiest Saturday night I'd ever had and I hadn't even entered the cemetery yet!

The World’s Most Luxurious Travel Kit?

Find out which European royal didn't travel light, but she did travel in style with one of the world's most luxurious travel kits. How does your travel kit compare?

Photojourney to Oktoberfest Parade

The Oktoberfest Parade in Munich is a perfect warmup for the Oktoberfest festivities with more than 7000 participants, colorful costumes and live music. Don't forget your dirndl or lederhosen!

Bier and Oktoberfest Museum

What does Oktoberfest have to do with a royal wedding? Where did beer originate? Find out at the Bier and Oktoberfest Museum in Munich.

Solving Mysteries of the Starnberger See

The Starnberger See is the most popular lake in the Munich lake district, but I was motivated to go for another reason - to solve the mystery of King Ludwig II's mysterious death.