Molise: Italy’s Last Undiscovered Region

Molise is the last undiscovered region in Italy.

That is a bold statement to make but that’s according to Wikipedia.

Undiscovered in general is difficult to find in Europe. It’s one of the things I miss most about being in Canada. There, it’s not uncommon to spend an entire day in the mountains without seeing another soul.

But that’s what you find in Molise.  With one of the lowest population densities in all of Italy, solitude, wilderness, and heck even brown bears await you! Don’t worry…they’re friendly….and only found in selected areas…or so I hear!

Map of Molise, Italy

I travelled around Molise by train.  Not just any train mind you, but a private train organized through Molise Discovery Leisure Train Tour.  SNAP!

OK I kid, it’s actually very affordable with a  50 – 70km train ride costing €45 adult. You will be serenaded by costumed folk singers and served local home-made delicacies and espresso in the tiny doll-size cups that Italians love so much!

It’s unlike any train ride I’ve ever been on. But without a doubt, the best part is what’s outside the train:

Train travel through Molise is a relaxing way to explore the countryside.
Train travel is a great way to explore Molise, especially when it’s a private train as we took!

Ruins in Molise

Valleys and mountains seen from the village of Pescocostanzo
Valleys and mountains  as seen from the village of Pescocostanzo

Mountains of Molise

Mountainous landscape seen from Montedimezzo Nature Reserve
Mountain views as seen from Montedimezzo Nature Reserve
Hiking trails in Montedimezzo Nature Reserve
Hiking trails in Montedimezzo Nature Reserve
Visit the gigantic tree in Montedimezzo Nature Reserve
Me standing in front of the gigantic tree see found in the Montedizmezzo Nature Reserve.

It’s not simply enough to just look at it though, you’ll want to experience it either by hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding.

Fortunately, these activities can be organized by Kolidur Travel Club who organizes day, weekend and seven-day tours. And did I mention the medieval villages? Or the food?

I’ve been fortunate enough to hike in the Dolomites and hike from Bologna to Florence and in the famed Cinque Terre, but only a bit in Molise and there’s so much to explore. Who wants to join me?


Disclosure:  Thank you to Kolidur Travel Club for making my visit possible.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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14 thoughts on “Molise: Italy’s Last Undiscovered Region”

  1. Another part of Italy for me to explore! I love Italy’s wild side. It’s certainly not what you think of when envisioning Italy, but the beautiful wilderness areas are my favorite parts.

  2. Molise looks gorgeous. I’m with you on having a hard time in Europe finding solitude. This place sounds like a little bit of heaven and I could see myself hiking the hills and drinking from tiny cups…

  3. Those low morning clouds rolling through the mountain valleys was my favourite pic …thanks for a peek into this region I’ve never heard of … until now!

  4. Hi Laurel, this is Francesco, I live in Isernia so in Molise…to be exact the most beautiful part of it close to the Natinal Park PNALM (Parco Nazionale Abruzzo Lazio e Molise)
    nice to read your article and it is nice to see there are “adveturous” traveller discovering our beautiful area.
    I’m trying to let people discover our beuties too that’s why me and some other friends take tourist visiting the most scenic parts of our mountains by off road cars,
    Next time you will be here join us for an “adventure ride”, till that moment take a look to our site, you will find lots of beautiful photos and videos.

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