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Meteora, located in Central Greece, is home to some of the most spectacular rock formations on the planet!

Centuries old monasteries perch on these rock towers, giving the illusion of being suspended in air – the meaning of Meteora! It’s one of the most unique places I’ve ever visited!  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit twice!

Who Will Enjoy a Visit to Meteora:

Meteora is the perfect destination for anyone interested in:

  • Culture and religion: The remaining six monasteries form the second largest monastic community in all of Greece.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts: Meteroa offers a plethora of hiking, mountain-biking, rock climbing, and rafting activities.

Why Guided Tours of Meteora?

I’m normally a huge fan of self-guided tours, but in Meteora, I highly advocate going with a guide. It’s possible to visit the monasteries by yourself, but then you’ll miss the story telling! The area is rich with folklore and tales, and locals are proud to share these.

Furthermore, the hiking trails are not marked nor signed. If you want to hike, you need a guide. Often, a rather uninteresting cut in the forest leads to some magnificent sites – like a monk jail! It would be impossible to find these on your own.

Why Travel with Visit Meteora?

Visit Meteora is a local family owned company that has pioneered the way for tourism in Meteora. When you book with Visit Meteora, you are having a direct positive impact on the local community.

Their passion for Meteora is unparalleled and their guides are some of the most enthusiastic I’ve ever encountered anywhere on the planet. I’ve traveled with George, one of the owners, around Meteora. He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. He’s very passionate about showing visitors what makes Meteora so special, beyond the obvious, and that enthusiasm spreads to the entire team.

They offer a wide range of activities and are frequently introducing new offers and bringing in new partners – having a wide-reaching impact on the local economy.

Meteora Tours:

Meteora hike to the Holy Spirit Rock


Join the only tour that takes you to the top of the Holy Spirit rock, an unspoilt holy place with one of the best views you can get over Meteora! Along the way you’ll also visit a monk jail which will make you ponder what monks did to get sent to monk jail!

PRICE:  €35 (or lower)


Meteora Hiking tour and via ferrate of Great Saint


Enjoy a day out exploring this magical site, and the highest of all the Meteora rocks at an elevation of 630 m (1890 ft) on this hiking path that promises adventure  to active individuals with good fitness levels.

PRICE: €50 (or lower)


hiking tour in meteora greece


Hike in the majestic hills of Meteora to the best monasteries along ancient trails that have been used by monks for centuries. Along the way, you’ll also visit a hermitage, monastery ruins and to St. George the Madilas where local children still making an offering to St. George every year!

PRICE: From €35