German Christmas Markets

I'm a Christmas Market fanatic! Fortunately, Germany, where I now live has some incredible Christmas markets! There are 17 in Munich alone! Seriously!

I still haven’t been to all of them, as that requires careful planning since some of them are really small and just a one or two day event. But I do have a rather impressive Christmas market if I do say so myself – 17 in one month! Not bad – albeit my husband feels differently as he doesn’t share my enthusiasm. What I love most about the Christmas markets is that to a large extent they replace, or at least complement the popular beer halls. Friends will meet up for a mug of steam hot Glühwein (mulled wine) at a Christmas market, instead of a beer hall. Almost every group I’m in will have some sort of gathering at a Christmas market and that’s what I love – the spirit of coming together with friends and family! Keep checking back as I’m exploring new Christmas markets every year!

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guide to castles and Christmas markets in Bavaria, Germany

  • Christmas market at Marienplatz is the most beautiful market in Munich.

The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Munich

There are a whopping 24 Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany! Here are my top 5 that I recommend visiting to celebrate the holiday season.

  • a hut at a German Christmas market in Munich

How to Celebrate a German Christmas in Munich

Everything you need to know about celebrating a German Christmas in Munich, including what to do and see when many shops and restaurants are closed.

Dachau: A Christmas Market that Will Make You See Another Side of this City

Dachau may seem like an unlikely place for a Christmas Market, but there's more to this city than most people realize. I.e. It's also home to Bavaria's largest advent calendar!

Fraueninsel: One of the Most Wonderful Christmas Markets in Bavaria

Fraueninsel (Woman Island) Christmas Market is a magical market located around a Benedictine monastery. It's popular with locals but still retains its charm.

  • Nuremberg Christmas Market in Bavaria, Germany

Nuremberg Christmas Market: What to Really See and Do

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is Germany's most famous and one of it's most traditional markets. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of it:

  • Christmas market in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber: One of My Favorite German Christmas Markets

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is Christmas market is one of my favorites situated in an 800-year-old medieval town in Bavaria, Germany.

  • Gingerbread from the Nuremberg Christmas Market

A Medieval Treat from the Nuremberg Christmas Market

Have you tried the medieval treat from the Nuremberg Christmas Market?You probably have, even if you’ve never stepped foot in Nuremberg...

3 of My Favorite European Christmas Markets

After visiting 17 European Christmas Markets this year, here are my 3 favorites, featuring a cathedral, a palace and medieval backdrops.

  • Tollwood Winter Festival Munich

Tollwood: My Favorite Festival in Munich

Tollwood Winter Festival is one of my highlights in December in Munich. I find this festival/Christmas market much more interesting than the more popular Oktoberfest.

  • gluehwein mulled wine

Mulled Wine: The Most Popular Drink at German Christmas Markets

I had only vaguely heard of mulled wine and thought of it as an Old People Drink. Then I went to my first German Christmas market and everything changed.

  • nuremberg christmas market

Why I Think the Nuremberg Christmas Market is Overated

I think the Nuremberg Christmas Market is overrated. I liked Germany's most famous Christmas Market but I don't understand why it's so popular given the hundreds of other unique Christmas Markets in Germany.

  • Santa Clause Figures at a Christmas Market in Munich, Germany

5 Things You Need to Know About Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is similar to Christmas in North America in many ways but there are some differences which I found rather surprising at first:

German Christmas Markets for Children

German Christmas Markets are not only for adults, there's just as much there for children-rides, games, toys, Christmas plays, even children's punch!

What Does Hiking in Germany Have in Common With German Christmas Markets?

What do hiking in Germany and German Christmas markets have to do with each other? I asked myself the same question as we pulled into a parking place next to the Calw Christmas Market. Clearly we were in the wrong place, J.P. and I were the only hikers in sight!