E-biking and Eating Around the Tegernsee

E-biking and Eating Around the Tegernsee

tegernsee ecobike tour

I felt like Lance Armstrong, racing along the Tegernsee at 40km+/hr whizzing past other cyclists.  This was quite the accomplishment for me since I normally get passed by Omas and Opas when biking in Munich.  Even better, my secret didn’t involve months of training.  It was just a matter of jumping on an e-bike and stopping to eat (a girl needs sustenance when racing at those top speeds!) while cycling along the picturesque Tegernsee, located just 54km south of Munich.

tegernsee ecobike tour flowers

Our e-bike tour around the Tegernsee took us through the Weissachauen Nature Reserve.

Our intended route took us through the Weissachauen Nature Reserve, which had meadows of spring flowers in the forefront and mountains for the backdrop – beautiful!  As I whizzed passed bikers, many took note of my wheels -mostly admiring, but one who  commented on my laziness.  Ironically when I passed him I was in “no-assist” mode meaning that I was doing it all by myself with no help from the bike.  But when you’re going that fast, you don’t have time to come up with a reply – especially in German!  I took great pleasure in doing this to my husband, J.P. as well who had joined me for the e-bike adventure.  Whizzing past other cyclists was a novelty for me – but an easy adjustment!

tegernsee naturkaeserei

My lunch at the Naturkäserei – the best tasting lactose free cheeses I’ve ever tasted!

There are no shortage of beer gardens and restaurants en-route, but being a cheese fanatic I was most excited about the Naturkäserei – a cheese factory and beer garden in one.  My cheese platter consisted of five different cheeses, all of them lactose-free except for the Camembert.  They tasted so good that I bought some to take home with me, or for a snack later on.  I was determined to keep up my top speeds and might need some energy to do so.

tegernsee ecobike tour duck

The thing that I didn’t realize about e-bikes is that it’s not a free ride.  If you stop pedaling it stops working.  Our bikes had several different modes.  There was a “no-assist” mode where it didn’t give you any help, a “standard” mode, an “eco” mode and a “high” mode.  I observed that when I was going 15km/hr on “no assist”, the “standard” mode would take me up to 25km/hr and the “high” mode up to 27km/hr.  When I was going 25km/hr unassisted (clearly before the cheese stop), the increases were less dramatic.  My top speed was 40km/hr+.  Not bad for a rooky!

tegernsee ecobike tour goats

I didn’t race at top speeds for the entire 36km trip though, and stopped for a while to watch these goats that we passed – and admittedly to recover from the electric shock I received from the fence while trying to take a picture and not paying enough attention to the fence.  After that adventure, that photo is getting its own post, so stay tuned, but trust me it’s really cute – almost worth the shock.

tegernsee ecobike tour mountains

The battery on our e-bikes was good for 60km.  By the time we had completed our circuit, J.P.’s battery was almost gone since we didn’t stop to exchange them.  I still had over 75% of mine left.  Snap!  But I will confess to having some help on the hills and on one section where we were biking into the wind.  He admitted to having help the entire trip, saying he wanted to “test” the bike.  Either way, we both loved the e-bikes and the Tegernsee  provided a beautiful setting.  E-biking and eating was the perfect way to spend a Saturday – and to feel like Lance Armstrong!

Know Before You Go E-biking and Eating around the Tegernsee

  • There are hundreds of different routes you can do.  Our route is shown below.  A trip around the Tegernsee is ~20km.  The Tegernsee Tourist Office can help you plan a route and provides maps.
  • E-bikes can be rented from Medius in Tegernsee.  Call ahead to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Stop at the Naturkäserei TegernseerLand for some of the best cheese you will ever taste.  They also serve cheesecake.
  • The Tegernsee is easily reached by train from Munich.

See our ~36km e-bike and eating tour on Google Maps.

Thank you to the Tegernsee Tourist Office for providing us with complimentary e-bikes.  As always all opinions expressed are my own.

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Laurel Robbins is the founder of Monkeys and Mountains, an adventure travel blog and company that helps people plan their active holidays in a sustainable way. Although Canadian, she lives in Germany. You can find her in the mountains on most weekends.

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