Best Places to Visit in Italy

Oh Italy! Italy is a place that I keep coming back to and every time it feels new, but different! The regional differences are truly incredible!

Travel information and adventure travel tips for Italy
  • travel to Lecco, Italy on Lake Como

16 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel to Lecco, Italy

Lecco, is an incredible alpine city on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. It will appeal to everyone from mountain lovers, water sports enthusiasts and those who consider gelato testing to be a serious sport!

  • ziplining adventures in Como Italy

Why You’ll Really LOVE the Adventure of Ziplining in Como

Ziplining at Jungle Raider Park Xtreme near Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy was unlike anything I've ever done! Adventure junkies will love its uniqueness!

  • romance in Lake Como, Italy

How to Plan a Perfect Day of Romance on Lake Como

If you're looking for romance, you can't beat Lake Como! It's an ideal couples getaway with a mix of nature, quaint villages and sunset views over the lake!

  • 20 coffee facts that every connoisseur should know

Do You Know These 20 Fascinating Facts About Coffee?

Fascinating coffee facts, like what cat poop and the world's most expensive coffee have in common. From Valentin Hofer, Italy's 1st Coffee Sommelier.

  • Palio event featuring dancing Renaissance dressed women

How to Really Discover Italy

Find out how to really discover Italy with these tips by Agata Mleckzo, who considers it to be her second home.

  • Hunting Residence of Stupinigi, a UNESCO World Site located near Turin, Italy

UNESCO Hunting Residence of Stupinigi, Near Turin

The Hunting Residence of Stupinigi, a UNESCO World Site located near Turin, Italy. The highlight is the numerous paintings depicting animals.

  • pinquino, the world's first chocolate covered gelato on a stick.

Gelato Tasting in Turin Italy

It's no secret that Italy is famous for its gelato, but have you ever indulged in a gelato tasting or a Pinquino? Not to be missed at Gelati Pepino in Turin.

Photos that Will Make You Want to Visit Apulia, Italy

Salento, is the south-east region of Apulia, Italy and is home to historic towns and seaside walks. It's one of my favourite places to visit in Italy.

Cats Vs the Coliseum: Battle of Rome Attractions

I had just enough time to see one attraction during a short stop over in Rome. I debated between the Largo di Torre Argentina, the cat sanctuary of all cat sanctuaries and the Coliseum. Hint: the Cat Sanctuary won.

The Spirit of Salento, Italy

I left Salento inspired. Not by my usual inspirations, but by the people and their passion for traditions and keeping them alive. And the music. Especially the music!

Molise: Italy’s Last Undiscovered Region

Molise is the last undiscovered region in Italy. It's where to go to see a side of Italy you haven't seen before and to seek solitude.

Hiking Mt. Matajur: Slovenia to Italy

Can't decide whether to hike in Slovenia or Italy? Hike in both, on Mt. Matajur a cross-border mountain with views of the Julian Alps and Adriatic Sea.

The Magic of Mont Blanc: A Photojourney

A photojourney of the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 160km classic hike around the highest summit in western Europe - with a little "magic" thrown in for good measure.

  • travel like a local rome coliseum

5 Misconceptions About Visiting Rome

It’s hard to beat Rome as a holiday destination. However, as with any popular destination, there are a number of misconceptions about the city. Unfortunately, some of these untruths prevent people from enjoying what would otherwise be an amazing trip.

  • The paragliding landing in Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm), Italy

Paragliding in Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm)

Paragliding has long been on my bucket list, but doing it over Alpe di Suisi (Seiser Alm) in Italy was absolutely breathtaking.

  • how to make dumplings-serve dumplings over greens

How to Make Dumplings – From Scratch

Learn how to make dumplings from Franz Mulser, the chef at a mountain hut in Alpe di Siusi, Italy.

  • hay bath in seiser alm

A Hay Bath in Alpe di Siusi

Some people like bubble baths, some like to read in the bath, some like rose petals. Me? I'll try an unconventional hay bath!

  • alpe di siusi seiser alm1

Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm): A Photojourney

Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm in German) is home to the Dolomites, Europe's largest alpine meadow AND serves as a training ground for Olympic athletes!

Conversations with a Benedict Monk in Norcia, Umbria

You know your conversation with a Benedict monk is going to be interesting when one of the first things he says is “I have a lover…” his eyes dancing with mischief.

Activo Park: An Exhilarating Day in Umbria

I love adventure. I love challenges. I love looking down, way down, knowing that if I fall at best it will really hurt, at worst.... Given my adventurous spirit I thought a day at Activo Park in Valnerina, Umbria would be child's play. Luckily I was wrong.

  • cucina povera

Cucina Povera: Peasant Cuisine is Back in Style

Cucina Povera, or peasant cuisine is back in style and is much tastier than it sounds, while also being healthy and ecologically friendly.

  • City wall in Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Perugia, Umbria: A City of Charm, Chocolate and Scandal

Perugia, the capital city of Umbria, oozes with charm from almost every corner, but there's also chocolate and plenty of scandal as well!

Solving Food Mysteries on a Rome Market Tour

Romans don't go shopping with a list-they buy what's fresh and what looks appetizing. I discovered this and other mysteries on a Rome Market Tour.

Marmore’s Falls: World’s Tallest Man Made Waterfall

Marmore's Falls is the world's tallest man made waterfall. Even more incredible is that it dates back to 271BC and was constructed by the Romans.