Best Places to Visit in Spain

There's so much to love about Spain, or more accurately, I should say Catalonia, since despite being to Spain 9 times, I've only ever been to Catalonia! That also includes Mallorca, which I've been to twice. I know I need to branch out, but in my defence there is a lot to see in Catalonia as you can see from the posts below.

  • medieval villages in northern Spain

14 of the Best Secret Medieval Villages in Northern Spain

14 of the best medieval villages and historic centres in Northern Spain. Not only are they gorgeous, but many have beaches and incredible coastal views. This unexplored part of Spain is definitely worth a visit.

  • beach of cathedrals spain

Beach of the Cathedrals: One of the Best Beaches in the World!

The Beach of of the Cathedrals (Catedrais Beach) is not only one of the best beaches in Spain, but in the world! No wonder that it's a national monument.

  • travel Cantabria in northern spain

How to See the Best of Cantabria, Spain in a Long Weekend

Cantabria is known as "Green Spain" with its natural landscapes, caves and over 60 beaches! Picos de Europa National Park was a particularly fabulous find and not what I expected in this part of Spain!

  • coast in asturias spain a cyclists paradise

Why the Sensational Coast in Asturias, Spain is a Cyclists’ Paradise

The Coastal Path in Asturias, Spain is a 65km long path with breathtaking views. It's an undiscovered paradise for both cyclists and walkers!

  • travel in Basque Country Spain

The Best Way to Travel in Basque Country When You Need to De-stress

A visit to pristine Basque Country may be the remedy if you're a stressed out multi-tasking urban dweller in need of some serious rejuvenation!

My Favorite Thing to Do in Girona

The city wall was built in Roman times and dates back to the 1st century BC. Unlike most city walls, you can actually walk the entire length of this one. Ambitious visitors can even climb the towers for gorgeous views overlooking Girona and reaching to the Pyrenees.

Rafting the Noguera Pallaresa in Catalonia

I only had 2 goals when rafting the Noguera Pallaresa in Catalonia, #1 not to get drenched and #2 not to get thrown out of the raft. See how well those turned out...

Spanish Omelette Recipe: Catalan Style

You can't go to Spain and not eat a Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española)! It's one of Spain's most popular dishes! No trip planned? Bring the flavors of Spain to your kitchen with this recipe.

  • Adventure travel blog. Hanging to a cliff.

Via Ferrata in Vallcebre, Catalunya: Are You Brave Enough?

I thought the via ferrata in Vallcebre Catalunya would be an easy one. To my pleasant surprise it wasn't. I loved both the thrill and the challenge. Would you do it?

Sailing the Costa Brava Coast in Catalunya

Costa Brava in Catalunya boast more than 200km of coastline, making for ideal sailing. Expect to be wowed by rugged cliffs, white-washed fishing villages and fresh seafood.

Barcelona: Secrets of the Gothic Quarter

Most visitors to Barcelona visit the Gothic Quarter. But few learn the secrets held in the medieval streets. Fewer still capture themselves experiencing it.

  • Costa Brava, Catalunya as seen from a thermal airship

Photos That Will Make You Want to Ride in a Hot Air Balloon Over Costa Brava

Check out these photos and you'll want to take a hot air balloon ride over Costa Brava, one of the most picturesque regions in all of Spain!

  • sunset in Hawaii

Travel Blogger’s Top Travel Destinations of 2013

Travel bloggers get around more than most folks and not surprisingly they know all the good spots to go. Here are their top travel picks for 2013:

  • Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona is definitely one of those must-sees, but it's better to show you why than tell you why:

  • cycling in Costa Brava on well marked bike paths

Cycling in Costa Brava=Finding Hidden Gems

Cycling ia great way to explore the hidden gems in Costa Brava, Spain.There are 125km of cycling paths for all levels, each with its own theme. Plus, it's a great way to work off all that delicious Catalan fo od that you'll be eating!

  • Casa Vicens, a famous Gaudi house in Barcelona

Following in Gaudi’s Footsteps in Barcelona

Barcelona is the best place to follow in the footsteps of Gaudi. In one day I visited 5 of his UNESCO sites. But be warned Gaudi leaves big shoes to fill.

  • view from my bedroom in our Wimdu apartment in Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Living Like a Local in Girona in my Wimdu Apartment

I loved staying in my Wimdu apartment in Girona, Spain in large part because it offered me a built in community which is the epitome of living like a local.

  • Hidden Barcelona, Spain - Temple D'August - Roman ruins

Hidden Barcelona: A Photojourney

Third time is the charm! That's when I discovered a hidden Barcelona that I had missed on my previous visits to one of my favorite European cities.

  • Sightseeing in Barcelona from a sidecar

Sightseeing in Barcelona – By Sidecar

Riding in a sidecar is one of the most unique ways to go sightseeing in Barcelona, Spain. You cover a lot of sights in a short time period and it's fun!

  • Vall de Núria, Pyrenees, Spain

Hiking the Vall de Núria, Pyrenees

I thought I would like the Vall de Núria in the Pyrenees but I didn't realize how much I would like it. The Pyrenees are stunning!

  • Hanging out in the Pyrenees post TBEX with Isabel.

What I REALLY Learned at TBEX Europe

Find out what I really learned at TBEX Europe and how you can use this to your benefit at future travel blogging conferences.

Eat Like a Local in Barcelona

Eating like a local in Barcelona = eating delicious flavourful food that's in season, while not gaining any weight!

  • adventure travel in Mallorca: hiking

Adventure Travel in Mallorca

There are plenty of beaches in Mallorca where you can relax and do nothing, but there’s also another side to Mallorca: Adventure Travel – one that I find much more appealing:

  • 1 of the 17 sundials in Gualba, this one on a church

17 Wonderful Sundials in Gualba, Catalonia

Gualba, a small village in Catalonia is home to a whopping 17 sundials! Visitors can even go on a sundial tour, which I highly recommend.

Castell de Montsoriu: The Greatest Gothic Castle in Catalonia

Castell de Montsoriu is the greatest Gothic castle in Catalonia. It's also rich in legends and even has its own resident witch!