Best Places to Visit in Greece

When I visited Greece, I didn’t visit a single island the country is so famous for! Instead, I explored Athens and the northern region of Epuris, a mountainous region in northern Greece that has an incredible 2000km of hiking trails and bears! Yep bears in Greece! I also loved Meteora, a region most famous for its monasteries on 300m sandstone cliffs! I also recommend Greek wine, I had never tried it before, but it’s surprisingly good!

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  • Hiking adventures on Mount Olympus Greece

A Beautiful Easy Hike on Mount Olympus in Greece That You’ll Love

Legends and ancient Greek mythology abound in Mount Olympus National Park in Greece, making for

11 Photos that Will Make you Want to Travel to Old Panteleimonas

Old Pantelimonas is an ancient shepherd village with incredible views of Mount Olympus and the Thermaikos Gulf! It's one of my favourite villages in Greece!

22 Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit the Meteora Monasteries in Greece

The Meteora Monasteries are the second most important site in Greece and a UNESCO site. They should be on your bucket list when travelling to Greece.

  • Meteora Greece mountains

Meteora: THE Place to See a Unique Hidden Monk Jail!

The Holy Spirit hike in Meteora, Greece, is packed with adventure, breath-taking views, long traditions and a first for me....a monk jail!

Unexpected Travel Highlights in Crete

Travellers can expect incredible richness and diverse landscapes when they travel to Crete, but perhaps just as importantly, open people and delicious food!

  • adventures in a helicopter - flying over Crete, Greece

How to Get Stranded on a Thistle Field in Crete and Have Fun in the Process

If you are anything like me, Crete makes you think of beautiful Mediterranean coasts, Olive Oil and Ouzo. I had no idea just how rich and diverse Crete’s insular landscape is.

Greek Quotes for a Road Trip Through Greece

Greek quotes to accompany a road trip (and photojourney) from Athens, to Meteora, to Epirus, to Paraga, then back to Athens! You'll see how wise the Greeks really are!

Kalarrytes: Photojourney to a Remote Greek Mountain Village

Kalarrytes is a Greek village in the Pindos Mountain Range, located in the Epirus region. Its traditional silver and goldsmith trade lives on today in BVLGARI!

  • Adveture Travel - Pindo Mountain Range in Epirus, Greece

Epirus: A Hidden Hiker’s Paradise with Secrets in Greece

Epirus, a region in the northwest part of Greece is a haven for hikers with 2000km of century old trails, leading to remote villages, and home to unexpected residents!

  • Adventure travel in Meteora Greece

Meteora: Calling All Adventure Seeking Monks

Meteora is home to some of the world's most adventure-seeking monks! They have to rock climb over 300 vertical meters to reach the monasteries!