Best Places to Visit in Denmark

Denmark was one of the first countries I visited after moving to Europe. There's no doubt that Copenhagen is a beautiful city, but Odense, home to Hans Christian Andersen, was the city that really captured my heart!

  • Hans Christian Andersen Statue in Odense Denmark

Odense Denmark Photo

Test your statue guessing skills of Hans Christian Andersen stories in Odense, Denmark.

Top 10 Experiences in Denmark

For me it's what you experience while visiting a place that makes travel so exciting,

Top 10 Things to See in Odense Denmark

I had never heard of Odense until a recent trip to Denmark, but I became almost immediately enchanted with Denmark's third largest city and home to Hans Christian Andersen, Odense's claim to fame. Odense has a welcoming feeling, but its more than that.

The Tinderbox, Where Children’s Dreams Come to Life in Denmark

The Tinderbox, a children's cultural centre beside the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense Denmark where children bring their own stories to life.

5 Things You Should Know Before Cycling in Denmark

Cyclist counter showing how many cyclists have passed through at any given time.  These are

J Day in Denmark

Christmas comes early to Denmark every year, the first Friday in November at 20:59 to be exact. Called “J Day” it's a celebration of strong beer.