Best Places to Visit in Canada

I AM Canadian! It was a beer slogan in the '90s, but it still sums up how I feel about being Canadian. We're a proud bunch - as you may have guessed from seeing our Canadian flags splashed all over our backpacks! Now that I've lived in Germany for over 4 1/2 years, I refer to myself as a Germadian (part German/part Canadian). Having said that, Canada will always have a big piece of my heart. Heck, I love it so much that I insisted on marrying my German husband in Banff National Park. It doesn't get any more Canadian than that! I'm originally from a small town south of Calgary, Alberta near the U.S. border, and then lived in Calgary for 12 years. Admittedly a lot of my travel in Canada has been in Western Canada. It's a really big country - eh? But it offers INCREDIBLE hiking and wildlife experiences. Despite being an avid hiker and getting out into the Canadian Rockies most weekends, there's still so much I haven't seen. It's truly that big!!! Besides the nature and the wildlife, I love to freak out European travelers with the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. Trust me, you've probably never seen anything like it. However, if you grew up on the prairies like I did, it seems like a really smart survival technique.

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  • You can see many of the points of interest in Vancouver by seaplane.

9 Ways to Experience the Natural Beauty of Vancouver

If you could only visit one city in Canada, visit Vancouver! It's my favourite city in the country. Nature and outdoor lovers will find so many points of interest.

  • explore one of alberta's treasures, canada

Writing-On-Stone: How to Explore One of Alberta’s Treasures

Writing-on-Stone is a provincial park in Alberta that's home to the largest concentration of aboriginal rock art in North America and some stunning Hoodoos!

  • elk island national park

Elk Island National Park: One of the Best Places to See Bison!

Elk Island National Park in Alberta is not only one of the best places to observe bison on the entire planet, it's also only second to the Serengeti in numbers of hoofed wildlife!

  • adventures in Horsethief Canyon Drumheller Alberta Badlands

Hiking Among Dead Giants in the Dinosaur Capital of the World!

It's not everyday that you get the opportunity to hike among giants! Don't worry, they've been extinct for 65 million years, but you may just stumble across one when hiking in the Alberta Badlands, near Drumheller!

Frank Slide: The Most Unique Hike in the Canadian Rockies!

Frank Slide was the deadliest rockslide in Canada's history! Today, the hike up Turtle Mountain in the Crowsnest Pass will appeal to adventurers.

  • Myra Canyon is a scenic cycle route in Kelowna, British Columbia

7 Reasons You Will Love Cycling in Myra Canyon

Myra Canyon in Kelowna, British Columbia is a a scenic cycle route along an old railway with 18 bridges and 2 tunnels with views over the Okanagan valley!

  • crystal clear water stream in Castle Wilderness, an area is southwestern Alberta

Your Adventure Guide to the Castle Wilderness

Your comprehensive guide to the Castle Wilderness, a paradise in SW Alberta where you can hike and paddle without the crowds. It's also an ideal place for wildlife spotting with 59 mammal species!

  • wreck diving in Okanagan Lake, near Kelowna

The Best Wreck Dive in Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is famous for water sports, like water skiing, but treasures also lie below the surface as I discovered on a wreck dive of a rail car barge!

  • polar bear in the Canadian Arctic

Unexpected Ecotourism Destinations According to Top Travel Bloggers

I'm convinced that ecotourism should be the future of travel. Here to provide inspiration are unexpected ecotourism destinations from top travel bloggers:

Calgary Zoo Lights

Calgary Zoo Lights is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Each year over 1.5 million lights are set up around the zoo, earning it the distinction of being the Best Christmas Event 2011.

  • Lake Minnewanka seen en route to Stewart Canyon in Banff National park

Hiking Stewart Canyon in Banff National Park

Stewart Canyon is an easy hike in Banff National Park, Canada. It's accessible year round with views that far exceed the minimal effort required.

  • View from Brewster's Mountain Lodge in Banff, Canada

Brewster’s Mountain Lodge in Banff: A Review

I walked into my suite at Brewster's Mountain Lodge in Banff National Park and immediately felt at home, plus the mountain views were incredible!

Our Take on Canadian-German Wedding Traditions

Our take on a Canadian-German wedding involved log cutting and the Viennese Waltz but no dish breaking or bride stealing.

  • best of travel salzburg

My Best of Travel 2011

My Best of Travel 2011 includes destinations in Germany, Austria, England and Canada. Here's to hoping that 2012 is just as good!

  • horne lake crystal formations in horne lake cave

How Caving at Horne Lake Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Caving at Horne Lake sounded like the perfect addition to our Canadian adventure honeymoon and we were not disappointed.

  • Miette Hotsprings, Jasper

Miette Hotsprings – Home to some infamous residents

Miette Hot Springs located in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies is the hottest mineral bath in the Canadian Rockies. After a day of scrambling the day before, my muscles were aching and the hot springs were calling my name.

  • View from top of Jasper Tramway

Jasper Tramway – Canada’s Longest and Highest Guided Aerial Tramway

Jasper tramway is the longest and highest guided aerial tramway in Canada and also the only aerial tramway in all of Jasper providing unbeatable views.

  • Athabasca Glacier and Columbia Icefields

Columbia Icefields

Did you know the Columbia Icefields are thicker than the Eiffel Tower and about the same height as the Empire State Building? Or how about home to one of the world's only triple continental divide?

  • grizzly-bear

Grizzly Bear Viewing in Lake Louise

Grizzly bear viewing is at its best at Lake Louise. Even if you don't see a bear the scenery is incredible.

  • magic in the canadian rockies

Just Married in the Canadian Rockies

On my wedding day I learned that big horn sheep are telepathic and give wedding gifts! Who knew!

  • sunshine meadows_scenery

Hiking in Sunshine Meadows

See why Lonely Planet rated Sunshine Meadows the #1 hike in Canada.

  • View of glacier from Panorama Ridge

View from Panorama Ridge, Banff National Park

Check out the impressive glacier views from Panorama Ridge in Banff National Park.

  • canada vs germany - Canadian Rockies win!

Canada vs. Germany: Why I’m Looking Forward to Going Back to Canada

As I get ready to head back to Canada for a vacation, I see some of the day to day differences between life in Canada and Germany and realize I am excited to go back to Canada.

  • fortress mountain

Fortress Mountain: It Will Make You Feel Like a Conquerer

It's no secret that Germany is home to many fortresses and castles but you may be surprised to learn that the Canadian version of a fortress is much older than any of the fortresses you will find in Germany.

  • canada day_canadian flag

Celebrating Canada Day in Germany…Or Not

I was shocked to find there were no official Canada Day celebrations in Germany, so I've decided to celebrate Canada Day with a very local twist instead.