How Berlin Turned a Nonhipster into a Hipster

OK “hipster” may be a slight exaggeration, but after  just a week in Berlin, I definitely feel much more hip.

It started from the moment I arrived. I stayed in a fabulous art gallery inspired apartment that I found on  Go with Oh.  Located away from hotels, my stay actually gave me a chance to interact with locals.  I started off slowly by having a cappuccino at the local hip cafe located directly across from my apartment.  Not exactly earth shattering, but a good way to gently break me into hipsterdom.

Berlin hipster cafe near my holiday apartment
Then I progressed by eating street food everyday.  Street food is also available in Munich, where I live, but it has nothing on the street food of Berlin. I fell in love with the array of street food – Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese and my personal favorite Thai – all on the same block!  I practically screamed hipster – or at least someone trying to grab a quick cheap bite to eat in Berlin.

My real hipster experience though didn’t occur until later in the week and was thanks to GetYourGuide when I was invited on a pub crawl.  Now my pub crawling days have been over for….lets just say quite some time. But when in Berlin….so I said yes, feeling hipper already just from accepting the invitation.  We started off in a place with eclectic live music, that was lined up out the door by 8:00 pm.  Then we moved onto August II.  This place was unbelievably cool.  There was a doorbell to be let in and only a very small sign.  If you aren’t hip enough, you 1) won’t even know that it exists and 2) won’t get in – simple as that.  Turns out I was oozing so much hipsterness  (chest puffed out with pride) that they even let me in wearing a not so hip full length knee brace – at least it matched my outfit – because yes I am that hip!
August II, a Berlin hipster bar

As if I couldn’t get any hipper, I was introduced to a Moscow Mule, one of the tastiest cocktails I have ever tried.  If you haven’t heard of it then you’re obviously not hip like me – it’s the soon to be latest IT drink in Berlin.  The fact that I hadn’t heard of it until earlier in the evening is just a minor detail that I will skip over, so moving on…
A Moscow mule, a Berlin hipster drink served at August II

Next it was off to Clärchens Ballhaus which resembled a large ball room and where people were actually dancing to tango, which incidentally my friend Adam of Travels of Adam, a true hipster says is very IN at the moment in Berlin, along with swing dancing!

At around midnight though, this newbie hipster turned into a pumpkin – even the invitation to a very private VIP club that didn’t open until 1:00 couldn’t lure me into more hipsterdom…. I do live in Munich after all, which I love but isn’t exactly where all the hipsters are hanging out.

Still, it was nice to be a hipster in Berlin…even if it was just for a week!

Add to your hipsterdom by staying in a holiday apartment with Go with Oh like I did.   They have over 2000 apartments in Berlin, many located in very hip areas.



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    Love this post! Berlin does feel very hip. It was my first time there and Berlin reminded me a lot of NYC with its cool cafes and street food. I loved all the street food! I could seriously eat an international meal just by walking down the street.

    • says

      @Adam – Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Munich girl – I can’t be that hip ALL the time :), but yes had a blast. Great to see you!

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    Having a capuccino IS a good start!
    I always find it hard to have a drink or a bite somewhere new when I’m on my own…
    Glad you had a great week!

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    I wonder if I could learn to be as hip as you are in such short order. I’d be up for the Moscow Mule and maybe one or two pubs but I can’t really stay awake much past midnight these days – and so based on that criteria alone I might not be accepted into Berlin’s hip culture.
    Berlin is one city I WOULD LOVE to visit – maybe next year.

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      @Leigh – I’m a good imposter :), but Berlin even turned me into a nightowl. I didn’t get home until (gasp) 2:00 am one night – which is VERY late for me.

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    I thought you were always a hipster, Laurel. I can totally see being drawn to hipsterdom in Berlin. Such a cool city, I might even aspire to be a hipster next time I’m there — no age limit, is there? :)

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    Oh no, I haven’t heard of Moscow Mules. Are my hip days behind me…? Looks like a tasty drink, mojito-ish. Was it good? Your hipster Berlin-experience sounds like heaps of fun! :)

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    Although I really have never been a hipster, I find myself moving further and further away from it as I get, gulp, older! Would love to give it a go as this sounds like so much fun. I’ve never heard of a Moscow Mule either, I wonder if any of the bartenders near San Francisco know about those!

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    Oh, Laurel, we need to get you out more — maybe in NYC? Berlin’s closer and it sounds like quite a happening place.
    The Moscow Mule’s been around — well, I’ve known about it for a while which means it’s been around much longer than that. The bell to the club/pub reminds me of some of the clubs I used to go to back when weekends were one long party.

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    Great post, and Berlin is a very cool city. Not sure it caters so much for in bed by 9pm which is more me these days though!
    Have to say, though, Moscow Mule… not all that new! Been around for a little while that one…

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    Berlin looks awesome. Not sure I’m hip enough, but I do want to make it there. Next year when I’m teaching in Spain I’m going to do my best to make it to Germany and definitely Berlin!

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