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Wildlife Encounters in Malaysian Borneo


Malaysian Borneo still stands out in my memory as one of my favourite places in the world for experiencing unspoilt nature up close. Getting within sniffing distance of tiny wild piglets, watching proboscis monkeys, seeing rare orangutans - are unforgettable experiences.

Monkeys in the Jungles of Costa Rica


As a child, my favourite book was Curious George. I must have read it at least a hundred times. So when I set out on an adventure trip through Costa Rica’s tropical rain forests, monkey-watching was high on my list.

The Redheaded Primates of the Lower Kinabatangan


I had a single goal on my visit to the Lower Kinabatangan River, located in Malaysia: to see a proboscis monkey. With a nose like a… well, flaccid penis, there’s really no other word for it, and long, hairy arms and legs, this primate was awkward, gangly, ugly even.

Bears in the Alaska Wilderness


Natalie, a German tour guide working in Africa still has one animal on her "wish list" that she wishes to encounter - the brown bear. And her wish is about to come true.

Lopburi Thailand: Exploring a Monkey Town


In most places around the world, humans continue to expand their cities, pushing animals into smaller and smaller living spaces, leading to extinction and starvation. But in the small town of Lopburi in Thailand, things are a little bit different - there, crab-eating Macaque monkeys rule the town

Why I REALLY Dislike Monkeys (Guest post)


When I came across Laurel's site Monkeys and Mountains I thought it would be funny to do a guest post to provide a bit of a counterpoint to all the monkey love going on here. You see, I really don't like monkeys. In fact, I kind of hate them.

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