Auer Dult: Europe’s Largest Dish Market

cups and saucers at Auer Dult dish market in Munich, Germany

Auer Dult is not only Europe’s largest dish market with ~300 vendors, it’s also a folk fest. So while you’re looking at porcelain or ceramics, the kiddies can hop on the carousel or Ferris wheel.  If it sounds a bit random it’s because it is.

Entertainment for the kiddies

Entertainment for the kiddies while the parents shop at  Europe’s largest dish market.

Making it even more random is that in addition to dishes, antiques, handy-crafts and other household goods can also be found at Auer Dult.  The strangest thing we saw was somebody’s old photo album – bizarre!  I managed to not buy any dishes, but ended up going home with 5 baskets.

porcelain dishes

Not surprisingly there are lots of dishes, cups, saucers, plates, bowls, you name it.

More dishes

More dishes

Random it may be, but it’s got something going on!  Auer Dult has been running for over 700 years in Munich (since 1310).  It only stopped for 3 years during WWII.  It’s held three times a year, once in the Spring, Summer and Fall and attracts a total of 300,000 people.  In comparison to Oktoberfest,  Auer Dult feels rather cozy.  Also similar to Oktoberfest is that beer is served, although I opted for a cappuccino while pondering just how much it has changed over the last 700 years, well for a few minutes anyway – I still had to figure out how the heck I was going to take 5 baskets home on the train!


  1. Laurel says

    @Laura – The dishes for the kids were my favorite too – sooooo cute!

    @Debbie – Agreed, although I was surprised that it was more porcelain than pottery. Maybe that’s a good thing as I love pottery and would have spent a lot more money!

  2. chanling says

    Since before my weakness is plates. Every time I saw beautiful and unique plates in the mall I always buy the. Looking at your post makes me sigh and wish I could visit your place someday and personally look and touch all those dishes. Wow! you really got so many of it, different kinds of it!

  3. Laurel says

    @Michael – Now I’m wishing I would have bought a couple of the giraffe dishes – next time! :)

    @Claire – I purposely only brought so much money with me so that I wouldn’t be too tempted.

    @Cheryl – Me too, there are markets for things I would have never have thought of.

    @chanling – It’s hard to beat Auer Dult if you like dishes :)

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