Laurel Robbins doing a via ferrata in Catalunya.  Just one of her many adventures.


The latest adventure travel blog posts from Monkeys and Mountains!

If you’re here, I’m assuming it’s because you’re an adventure travel junkie like me, and you prefer living life on the edge – sometimes literally, like when you do a Via Ferrata! (Similar to rock climbing, but using holds already secured to the mountain), or willing diving into shark infested waters!


Or perhaps soft adventure is more your thing!  As much as I love the hardcore adventures, the majority of what I do is soft adventure. Things like finding a favourite day hike, or snowshoeing in untouched snow or navigating your own way while road cycling!


You’ll find plenty of hard-core, soft adventures and multi-day adventures here – trips like hiking to Everest Base Camp and doing the Tour du Mont Blanc here!


And wildlife!  Anytime you’re around wildlife it’s an adventure in my opinion!  One of my top adventures ever was observing Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, who as it happened, were a little bit drunk from eating bamboo shoots, and could get a little bit rowdy!  If being 3 meters from a drunk Silverback weighing up to 400lbs isn’t adventure, I don’t know what is!

But it’s not about me and my adventures, it’s about inspiring you! Giving you ideas about adventures you maybe haven’t thought about trying, or trying them in places you hadn’t previously considered.  It’s about getting you outside your comfort zone, as I was when I tried – and failed miserably at sand boarding in Namibia! It’s about knowing when to push yourself…and knowing when to back off!

It’s about spending as much time in the outdoors and in nature as you can! Whether it’s while on vacation or just on a weekend! You know that adventure is always within your reach…wherever you are in the world!

If you enjoy my adventure travel blog, I’d be grateful if you would share it with your fellow adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts!


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Gelmer Funicular is one of the highlights of the Haslital region in Switzerland.

Gelmer Funicular: The Highest in Europe

Calling all adrenalin junkies! The Gelmer Funicular located in the Haslital region of Switzerland is the steepest in the world! It starts off gradual but within minutes you find yourself seated not just perpendicular to the earth below you, but actually overhanging it at 106°!!!!   I’m not afraid of heights and even I screeched

You reach Mount Everest Base Camp after 8 days of trekking.

The Business of Climbing Mount Everest

Business may seem like a strange word to use to describe climbing the world’s highest mountain, but make no mistake, climbing Everest is big business. It costs the average climber between $50,000 – $100,000!


Why I Think the Finns Are Crazy

I have a confession to make. I’ve always thought the Finns might be crazy. Now I know for sure. Finns are perhaps best known for their love of the sauna, followed by a dip in a frozen lake. Brrrrr. I’m from Canada and even I think that’s crazy! What is perhaps lesser known is Finns […]


Sailing the Costa Brava Coast in Catalunya

Costa Brava in Catalunya boast more than 200km of coastline, making for ideal sailing. Expect to be wowed by rugged cliffs, white-washed fishing villages and fresh seafood.


The Magic of Mont Blanc: A Photojourney

A photojourney of the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 160km classic hike around the highest summit in western Europe – with a little “magic” thrown in for good measure.

Namibia bush aloe vera plant

Could You Survive in the Namibian Bush?

How well would you survive in the Namibian bush? A word of caution, it’s not only the predators that will kill you, it’s also the trees! Read on to test your survival skills….


Stuiben Waterfall: Tyrol’s Highest Waterfall

Stuiben Waterfall is the highest not only in the Ötztal, but in all of Tyrol measuring 150m! It’s a family friendly hike to the top w/ viewing platforms. There’s even a restaurant at the top in case you’ve worked up an appetite.

cheetahs in wild26

Namibia: The Cheetah Capital of the World

Namibia the cheetah capital of the world is home to an incredible 3000 cheetahs. I was fortunate enough to spend the day with a few of the fastest animals on the planet.

Namibia Dune 45

11 Reasons Namibia is Awesome

11 awesome facts about Namibia! Did you know that Namibia is home to the world’s largest free-roaming population of cheetahs? One of the planet’s oldest deserts can be found here as well and more!

chimp in Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest: A Hidden Gem in Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda is home to 25% of all the primates in Africa, 275 different species of bird and has E. Africa’s only canopy walk. It’s one of Africa’s hidden gems.


Primate Safari in Rwanda: My Dream Trip

I’m soooooo excited to announce that as I write this I am about to begin my dream trip, something I’ve waited years and years for…..a Primate Safari in Rwanda!

Müllerthal in Luxembourg Felsenweg 1.2

Hiking in Luxembourg: An Overview

When you think of places to hike, Luxembourg is likely not the first place that comes to mind, but it has over 400km of trail and a newly created Naturwander Park delux. It’s worth checking out!

Alaskan brown bears playing

Bears in the Alaska Wilderness

Natalie, a German tour guide working in Africa still has one animal on her “wish list” that she wishes to encounter – the brown bear. And her wish is about to come true.

Costa Brava, Catalunya as seen from a thermal airship

Costa Brava, Catalunya: As Seen from a Thermal Airship

It’s not everyday that I get to take a thermal airship ride over Costa Brava, Catalunya and by that I mean a hot air balloon ride! The views are incredible with the Pyrenees to the north and the Mediterrean to the south!

rhino mother and baby in Hlane Royal Park, Swaziland

My Top Travel Adventures of 2012

2012 was the most incredible year of my life for travel adventures! I visited 13 countries on four continents. Here are my favorite adventures from 2012:

cycling in Costa Brava on well marked bike paths

Cycling in Costa Brava=Finding Hidden Gems

Cycling ia great way to explore the hidden gems in Costa Brava, Spain.There are 125km of cycling paths for all levels, each with its own theme. Plus, it’s a great way to work off all that delicious Catalan fo od that you’ll be eating!

Laurel Robbins shark diving with an Oceanic Black Tip in South Africa

Shark Diving in South Africa: No Cage Required

Shark diving in South Africa without a cage is not for the faint of heart. But it offers an incredible chance to first hand observe one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.

One of the slides on the Malolotja Canopy Tour in Swaziland

Malolotja Canopy Tour in Swaziland

Malolotja Canopy Tour was Swaziland’s first canopy tour and it’s currently it’s only one. It’s also the most adrenalin pumping one I’ve done to-date.

adventure travel in Mallorca: hiking

Adventure Travel in Mallorca

There are plenty of beaches in Mallorca where you can relax and do nothing, but there’s also another side to Mallorca: Adventure Travel – one that I find much more appealing:

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